Dear Family & Friends of Brother James Court,

We are writing to update you on our current status in regards to COVID-19. We are still practicing all of the CDC & IDPH guidelines to ensure the safety of the men. We have been practicing social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands 5-6 times per hour, cleaning all surfaces every two hours, changing our clothes, not allowing visitors, and we are still on lockdown. We are happy to say that these practices have helped keep us almost completely COVID-19 free. As you know, we have only had one employee test positive, due to our due diligence we caught it early enough to prevent any further spread. We are still voluntarily testing every week to ensure that we are all healthy and well. We have not had any other positive results since we have been testing.

We know that it is hard to not be able to see your loved one, but we must keep doing what we have been to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will be trying hard to schedule a time for you to video chat with your loved one. Until further notice, we must not allow visitors to Brother James Court, or allow the men to leave Brother James Court. This is to protect not only your loved one, but all of the residents at Brother James Court. We cannot put the residents at risk. Day trainings and SDC will most likely resume in the Fall, but we will update you with that information when we have more solid information.

Thank you for your understanding and support throughout all of this. We are blessed to have all of you and your loved ones with us in this time of uncertainty. We promise to let you know more as we know more. We wish we had better news for you. Your loved one at Brother James Court cannot wait to see you when this is all over. All we can do now is be cautious and follow the guideline provided to us. We are all in this together. Positive thinking and prayers will get us all through this. When this is over, things will go back to normal and we can all be together again.

Thank you & have a blessed day,

The Staff of Brother James Court