In accordance with President Trump’s national emergency declaration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued the following guidance to all long term care facilities:

All skilled long term or ICF/DD living facilities will be subjected to a prohibition of visitors.

Exceptions will only be made on a case by case basis for compassion care, such as end of life situations. In these exceptional situations, there will be a limit to two visitors at a time. Said visitors will be subjected to a health screening for COVID-19 symptoms upon entry into the facility. Said visitors will also be required to practice hand-hygiene and wear a facemask at all times while in the facility. While in the facility, said visitors will only be allowed within the assigned room of the resident they are visiting. Any visitor who is exhibiting symptoms or is displaying an inability to comply with the CMS & CDC guidelines will not be permitted into the building. Additionally, in accordance with guidance from CMS & CDC, residents will be dining in a limited communal dining setting. Only 10 residents will be allowed within the dining room at a one time during set dining times while incorporating a minimum of six foot social distancing. Group social activities will be suspended until further notice. Activities and socialization will occur in an alternative method, such as a 1:10 ratio with staff members. Residents will be in structured environments to prevent distress and behaviors with a minimum of six foot social distancing with only 10 residents per space. In addition to these measures, administration, nursing, and social services staff have adjusted their hours to meet the behavioral and social needs of the residents of Brother James Court.

We realize these are more stringent steps being taken and ask for your understanding during these unprecedented times. Please know that your loved one’s health and well-being are our highest priority, and we are instituting these measures in an effort to keep them safe and secure.

Sonia Bartels, Administrator