Our Mission

At Brother James Court we believe we see Christ in those we serve.  We see ourselves as advocates for the developmentally disabled.  We respect the dignity of everyone who lives and works here. We value the sacredness of life and the gifts life has to offer.  Everyone we serve, regardless of their abilities, will receive the highest quality of care. We follow the joyful spirit of St. Francis as we bring to life the founding vision and values of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross.

What People Say

As a parent, brother, sister or relative, we pray that our disabled loved one is safe, protected and provided for. in the place he calls home. Over the last 13 years, Brother James Court has provided this environment for our son Justin. He continues to grow, develop and mature into the man we are very proud to call our son. We will always feel lucky to have found Brother James Court, the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross and the devoted staff who continue to care so much for the men of Brother James Court.

Linda & Dennis H.

“Home” – isn’t that what everyone wants and needs? “Home” is where you are loved, valued, where you can be yourself, feel protected, safe, and where you can have fun. This is exactly what Brother James Court offers each of the men in their care. My brother, Tom, has called BJC his home for 23 years; it has lived up to what I expected would be his “home”. I am profoundly humbled at the commitment and dedication of BJC’s staff and Brothers to care for the needs of these special men.

Maggie J.