Our Mission:

  • At Brother James Court we believe we see Christ in those we serve.  We see ourselves as advocates for the developmentally disabled.  We respect the dignity of everyone who lives and works here.
  • We value the sacredness of life and the gifts life has to offer.  Everyone we serve, regardless of their abilities, will receive the highest quality of care.
  • We follow the joyful spirit of St. Francis as we bring to life the founding vision and values of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross.

From the desk of our Mission Effectiveness Director:

“They sensed the action of God’s Providence intimately…”

Dear Friends and Family,

Do you ever feel that the seasons seem to crash into one another here in Springfield? I do. We had a number of very hot days in June (before the “official” start of summer). We also had a number of “cloudy, overcast, cool” days that made spring seem somewhat like fall. And who can forget the rains that came: too much, too soon (for some of us)?

When the sun and humidity go down in the evening, it is good to see the men outside on their patios or taking a ride on the bike track. We even have a new resident whose family takes him outside in his wheelchair when they visit. A staff member recently said that we need fifteen minutes of sun a day; for me that time needs to be doubled or tripled. Even some of our guys who are slowing down need sunshine to chase away that “down in the dumps” feeling.

We hope that you and your families have enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday, which for some means the middle of summer. Too bad we forget that this is only the third week of summer. We pray that all of you have some wonderful or wacky or normal and ordinary things planned for the rest of the summer. We ask that you remember all of us here at Brother James Court and we promise to pray for your safety, your relaxation, you friendships and all your intentions. God bless all of you!

Sincerely, with prayers,

Br. Anthony Joseph, FFSC
Mission Effectiveness Director

“…as if the love of God were perceptible to them and arranged all their cares and concerns.” -Brother James Worth, Founder



Our Founder:

In 1862, the founder of our religious institute, Brother James Wirth, and his Brothers embarked on a journey rooted in the love they had for Jesus, especially to the service of the sick, the suffering, and those in need. The first to be embraced by the Brothers were those who had no place to call home. They opened their homes to orphans and others who were unable to care for themselves. These places were the beginning of what has grown to over a 150 year history of caring service to the sick, the suffering, and those in need.

The spirit of Brother James Wirth continues to live and develop in our various ministries we share. We find dedicated co-workers following in the footsteps of Brother James, each and every day, by their commitment to high standards of care, respect for each individual, and by providing the best quality of care for the men at Brother James Court. We see the Administration and the staff leading Brother James Court into the future.

It is our mission to provide a caring, supportive, and safe home for all the men at Brother James Court now and into the future. Our vision for Brother James Court is that it is a place of friendship and that it is a home to empower each individual with special needs with the ability to achieve their highest potential through life skills training.