“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Life at Brother James Court

Brother James Court is a residential intermediate care facility in which our residents learn various functional skills in each of the four halls or “neighborhoods” where they reside. BJC encourages our residents to achieve the highest level of independence possible. We attain these goals through carefully crafted programming and a consistent, realistic approach.

When the doors opened to Brother James Court in October, 1975, there were 65 residents, from 17 to 51 years of age. In 2010, 35 of those residents have remained with us. Our population has grown to 98 men from 21 to 77 years of age. Today’s minimum age for admission is 18.

BJC employs more than 50 trained direct care staff who serve as teachers to our men, assisting them in programs to help them fulfill their highest potential in life skills. Our DSP (Direct Service Provider) staff consists of certified developmental disability aids trained in providing high-quality care to each resident of Brother James Court. DSP staff, with the training and assistance of our Residential Service Director and QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilies Professional) staff, monitor the men’s progress throughout the course of each day.

All of our residents are empowered with skills in hygiene, self-medication, communication, home community, personal care and various domestic skills.

There are four halls or neighborhoods:

  1. Cardinal Avenue.
  2. Rock n’ Roll Road.
  3. Lion Lane
  4. Easy Street.

Facilities at BJC


BJC currently has two single rooms with private baths. Easy Street is devoted to our high-functioning residents. The men live with a single roommate and have their own bathroom to share between them.

Cardinal Ave, Rock n’ Roll Rd, and Lion Lane have four residents to a room and they share a community bathroom located at the front of the hall.

There are four patios with new picnic tables that include conventional and wheel-chair accessible designs, and new benches and floral planters. The oval walking track (measuring 208 feet long) has a new surface and new benches.

A Virtual Tour of Brother James Court is available through one of our YouTube videos through the link below.


The men are always excited when Sheeba, Brother Stephen’s certified therapy dog, comes to visit.



Don’t forget to wave!